Tuesday, February 5, 2008

An afternoon in the atelier

Artwork: "Earthen Angles," 2008

Artist: B. Lennon Thorne, born 2004, California.

Medium: Flung mud on turquoise plastic.

About the artwork:

A noncommissioned work created in early 2008, "Earthen Angles" is a microcosm of color, energy, texture, and conflict.

Within, the stark artificiality of the human world -- represented by the well-worn turquoise plastic of a second-hand kiddie pool -- is interrupted by the reality of nature. Invitingly moist, fresh mud -- itself a confluence of fertile Central Valley soil and seemingly endless winter rains, representing the unstoppable and relentless forces of nature -- slashes its way across a blue-green expanse of the beautiful but unnatural.

The knife-like fling angles, the mud's kinetic impacts, all collide to reveal the artist's inner conflict; he is torn between the artificial and the natural, feeling confined between the man-made and the organic, the juxtaposition of which may ultimately represent man's inhumanity to man.

Artist statement: "I like mud art. I think I'll add some sand to my mud art. I need more mud."

(With all apologies to Mark B. for use of the "atelier" concept...)

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